New Inks for Luxe Folding Carton Packaging

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Sun Chemical has launched a new UV offset ink that makes sophisticated graphics look stunning and vibrant on high-end luxury folding cartons. The new ink system, SunCure Aspire UV, has been formulated to exhibit immense color transparency to help create vivid color graphic effects on metalized, lenticular and holographic board stocks frequently used for pharmaceutical, perfume, liquor, cosmetic and POP applications.

The new inks offer excellent transfer, a wide water window, a high degree of lithographic stability, very high pigment strength to ensure mileage on press and good lightfastness so shelf appeal remains consistent over time. The ink system has been designed to work well with Sun Chemical’s SunInspire special effects coatings to make cartons truly stand out.

The new UV ink system does not use any of the “exclusion-type photoinitiators” that can be a concern to brand owners and regulatory bodies. SunCure Aspire UV inks also deliver very good adhesion properties to many non-porous substrates.

SunCure Aspire UV inks come in a complete line of high strength blending colors for all spot color needs, and meet ISO color requirements for GRACoL G7 applications.

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