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Holweg RY2-TS year 1973

Holweg RY2-TS year 1973 is bag making machine. Totally refurbished in 2020-2021. Designed for 1-2 plies thermo-sealing bags, with and without reinforcement.

Holweg RS 12 Roto Simplex year 1994

Holweg RS 12 Roto Simplex year 1994 is paper bag making machine for production of bags with flat bottom. Equipped with in line printer IF 526 3 colors. Refurbished in 2018. Max speed is 600 bags/min (depending on the paper and size).

HOLWEG model CTH2/85 with in-line sheeter year 1975

HOLWEG model CTH2/85 stack type flexo printer is designed for printing on paper. Equipped with in-line sheeter. 4 colors printing. With variable sizes of printing cylinders and gears.

HOLWEG model CP28/TS year 2004

HOLWEG model CP28/TS year 2004 is designed for production of paper bags with or without  gusset, heat-sealed bags or glued bags, with single or  double bottom, using combination of polyethylene type heat-sealed film with support paper of cellulosic film 30-120 g/m2. Visible in production and immediately available

Holweg RS 1 year 1960 perforation type

Holweg RS 1 flat&satchel paper bag perforation type machine year 1960 is for the production of paper bags without window unit. Makes 500 bags/min. Equipped with 5 forming plates. Not visible in operation.