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Holweg in line flexo printer ISF100

Holweg in line 4 color stack type flexo printer ISF100. In working conditions. Immediately available

Holweg model RS2-P year 1980

Holweg model RS2-P year 1980 is paper bag making machine for flat paper bags. Refurbished in 2021. Maximum speed: 300 bags/min, real used speed: 200 - 250 bags/min. Equipped with W&H QMS 992 inline printer year 1979. Visible in operation. Immediately available.

Holweg RS 25 year 2014

Holweg RS 25 year 2014 mechanical type flat&satchel paper bag making machine. With 4 color in-line printing, without window unit; unwind unit (can be added from another machine at extra costs). Max speed: up to 800 bags/min, 300 m/min. Plates are included: 120 mm, 190 mm, gusset 120 mm, with cutting length 420 mm. Printing cylinders are included for size 420 mm only

Holweg RY2-TS year 1973

Holweg RY2-TS year 1973 is bag making machine. Totally refurbished in 2020-2021. Designed for 1-2 plies thermo-sealing bags, with and without reinforcement.

Holweg RS 1 year 1960 perforation type

Holweg RS 1 flat&satchel paper bag perforation type machine year 1960 is for the production of paper bags without window unit. Makes 500 bags/min. Equipped with 5 forming plates. Not visible in operation.