New Report Details Smart Packaging Innovations


Chicago-based technology scouting company, PreScouter, released a report detailing companies providing smart packaging technologies available for commercial use. The company believes the report could help companies actively looking to integrate a smart packaging solution into their product find the right fit.

The report was born out of the significant interest we’ve seen from both companies and the general public said PreScouter CEO Dino Gane. “The Internet of Things has spread to really cover everything, and packaging is no exception. In the past, the main function of packaging was to ensure the safe delivery of the product and validation of it being new. Today, companies are looking well beyond these goals. Now, smart packaging technologies are able to deliver pre- and post-sale insights, real-time data, brand protection, direct consumer engagement, among other functions.”

The report classifies the smart packaging solutions according to four main technologies: Bar codes/QR codes, sensors/printed electronics, augmented reality and smart indicators/pigments/inks. Examples from 11 companies offering a smart packaging solution are showcased in the report.

Marija Jovic, PreScouter project architect for the packaging industry, sees a growing demand for these products noting that “not only have we seen high interest from our clients’ side in this topic, but also according to recent market reports, the global smart packaging market is expected to grow at a high rate, between 5  and 10.6 percent CAGR.”

With counterfeiting, brand tampering and food recalls on the rise, PreScouter hopes the report will provide companies with the insights and knowledge needed to make more informed decisions.