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Macchi co-extruder 3 layers year 2009

Macchi co-extruder 3 layers year 2009 is designed for production of tubular and foil. Workable materials are HDPE, BIMODAL HDPE, LDPE, mLLDPE, znLLDPE. COEX FLEX co-extrusion group gearless version on single size 2 platform, with high performance single screw extruder 55/30 D

GHIOLDI co-extruder year 2004

GHIOLDI 3 layers co-extruder year 2004 is designed for extrusion linear blends from 50% to 90% with low den PPA. Equipped with fixed co-extrusion head complete with IBC model 300 K73F IBC, upgraded with thickness control and ring K -Design. Includes No.2 Extruder E 65 APL, No.1 Extruder E 80 APL

Co-extruder Macchi 3 layers

Co-extruder Macchi 3 layers is cold part of 2004 , hot part of 2012. Equipped with bubble guide GSRC 2000/8-6, extruders 2 x 65/30, 1 x 100/30 rande dia. Die 400 mm, GAP 2 mm with 2 extruders Plastex 65/30 D and 1 extruder Plastex 100/30 D. Materials: LDPE, LLDPE- MDPE, EVA, PP , mLLDPE