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Triumph 5QT Servo year 2012

Paper bag making machine Triumph (GARANT MASCHINEN) model 5QT Servo year 2012 is designed for production of paper bags with twisted handles. With twisted handle unit, CE conformity

Co-extruder Macchi 3 layers

Co-extruder Macchi 3 layers is cold part of 2004 , hot part of 2012. Equipped with bubble guide GSRC 2000/8-6, extruders 2 x 65/30, 1 x 100/30 rande dia. Die 400 mm, GAP 2 mm with 2 extruders Plastex 65/30 D and 1 extruder Plastex 100/30 D. Materials: LDPE, LLDPE- MDPE, EVA, PP , mLLDPE

Uteco Topaz 608 year 2012

Uteco Topaz 608 is 6 colors gearless flexo printer with a central drum designed for printing on paper. Maximum speed is 300 m/min. Equipped with automatic washing with pneumatic pumps, gas drying system. With possibility to have the upper roof for the chiller, cleaner ACE, electrical panel controls