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Butler Automatic unwinder year 2002

Butler Automatic model 4050 year 2002 is unwinder ideal for SOS paper bag producers worldwide, with working width of 300 - 1400 mm and maximum speed of 300 m/min.  Immediately available

Bielloni Theorema 8 year 2002

Bielloni Theorema 8 is 8 colors gearless flexo printer with a central drum designed for printing on film. Equipped with unwinder and rewinder with 3 inch mandrels, electric drying system, video control system, many sleeves.

LOMBARDI model Lexus 450-4C year 2002

LOMBARDI model Lexus 450-4C year 2002 is label printing machine, designed for usage of paper, adhesive paper, stretch film and textile, with speed of 120 m/min and print width of 250mm. It's not visible in production and immediately available.

Curioni Sun Master 540 year 2002

Curioni Sun Master 540 bag making machine is designed for the production of paper block bottom bags with twisted paper cord or cotton with twisted paper cord. The machine complies with the EU Machine Regulations