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W&H flexo printer Astraflex year 1998

W&H Astraflex year 1998 is 8 colors central drum flexo printer with gears designed for film, equipped with Portalift robot and carrier machine and automatic viscosity control Bloss VC 1200 - 8. Machine is visible in production and immediately available.

W&H Soloflex 8L flexo printer year 1998

W&H Soloflex 8L, 8 color flexo printer year 1998 with central drum is for printing on film. Equipped with aniloxes, many sleeves and mechanical speed of 200 m/min. Visible in production and immediately available

Uteco Amber 808 year 1998

Uteco Amber 808 year 1998 is 8 color flexo printing machine with central drum and gear for printing on film and paper. Overhauled in 2023. Used materials: paper, BOPP, PET, PE. Equipped with many cylinders, gears, anilox. In good working conditions.

Arvor welding machine year 1998

Arvor welding machine year 1998 is for production of tubular bags. Equipped with double sealing bar, and electrical cabinet. Manuals and electrical schemes are available. Can seal the tubular from one side and the other for maket of cautch etc.

Bielloni monolayer extruder year 1998

Bielloni monolayer extruder year 1998 is with screw OM80, double station band rewinder 1200mm, 180mm die, rotating tow. LDPE thicknesses from 18 to 170 microns.

2016 Garant Maschinen refurbished Multiwall Paper Sack Line: W&H Tuber AM 2160/80, W&H Alina 1209, W&H Transystem 1, W&H Bottomer AD 2360/20, W&H Transystem 2, W&H Arcomat 80L

W&H complete multiwall line with in-line printer is designed for the production of 25 kg sacks and bigger. With 2 transystems and palletizer Arcomat.