Flex Films Introduces New High-Barrier Metallized Polyester Film

Flex Films

Uflex Ltd.’s Flex Films (USA) division has engineered FLEXMETPROTECTTM F-HMB, a high-barrier metallized polyester film. The film is either untreated or corona treated on the other surface, while metallization is carried out on the specially treated composite surface.

The new film is in response to increasing popularity of metallized polyester films for imparting high-barrier properties to laminated flexible packaging structures. Specifically, there has been an increasing demand for cost-effective films with high metal adhesion for superior barrier applications in harsh environments.

“The adhesion of metal on BOPET base film is the sum of chemical and mechanical adhesion,” says Steven J. Sargeant, general manager of technology at Flex Films. “Our proprietary surface treatment on the base film allows increased levels of chelation or reaction with the metal being deposited, thereby resulting in a much better adhesion profile. The specialized surface treatment comprises materials with unique and enhanced properties, thereby leading to enhanced mechanical bonding. It took us almost 18 months to engineer this film.”

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