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Castaldini Genesis 40-100 year 2000

Castaldini Genesis 40-100 year 2000 is paper bag making machine perforation type for paper bags with window unit. With 4 col. inline printing. Available printing cylinders and plates. Visible in operation. Immediately available.

Bieffebi cliche mounting plate device model 336-180 C year 2000

Cliché mounting plate device Bieffebi model 336-180 C is plate mounter-proofreader with cameras and pin console for mounting flexographic clichés. Useful width is 1800 mm. Equipped with device for automatic rephasing of the cylinders from mounting to printing position.

Manzoni Seriana 31 year 2000

Manzoni Seriana 31 beater type flat&satchel paper bag making machine with inline printer 4 colors is for the production flat bottom bags. With CE certificate. Makes 500 pcs/min (with 2 blades).

W&H VAREX 60/60/6030D year 2000

W&H VAREX 60/60/6030D year 2000 is 3 layers extruder designed for usage of LDPE and LLDPE materials, with die of 350 mm, film width of 1650 mm and film thickness of 0,05 mm for flat film and film thickness of 0,010-0,250 mm for dual. It's immediately available

F&K 16S/8 year 2000

F&K flexo printer 16S/8 year 2000 is 8 color printer, CE brand, designed for usage of solvent based inks on PE, PP, OPP, PET and AIL materials, gearless, with printing width of 1450 mm and mechanical speed of 360 m/min. Immediately available and visible in production