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Primplast monolayer extruder model PW 140 B year 2002

Primplast monolayer extruder is for production film 30-180 microns with screw dia 140 mm, extrusion head TPF 2 450 IBC Primplast, iron bench, corona treatment, thickness control

Mono extruder Bandera year 1992

Mono extruder Bandera year 1992 is suitable for LDPE and HDPE materials with screw diameter of 50 mm and maximum rewinder diameter of 1000 mm. It's  immediately available

MAM ES/KB/635 year 1992

MAM ES/KB/635 year 1992 is one layer extruder designed for usage of LDPE and HDPE materials, with film width of 1500 mm. It is visible in operation and immediately available

DOLCI TX AO 150 year 1995

DOLCI TX AO 150 year 1995 is mono extruder that is using Kluber Barrierta L55/2 lubricant capacity of 50kg/h, equipped with Fellner & Ziegler dispenser, material mixing silo for 500 etc.