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Macchi co-extruder 3 layers year 2009

Macchi co-extruder 3 layers year 2009 is designed for production of tubular and foil. Workable materials are HDPE, BIMODAL HDPE, LDPE, mLLDPE, znLLDPE. COEX FLEX co-extrusion group gearless version on single size 2 platform, with high performance single screw extruder 55/30 D

Co-extruder Macchi 3 layers

Co-extruder Macchi 3 layers is cold part of 2004 , hot part of 2012. Equipped with bubble guide GSRC 2000/8-6, extruders 2 x 65/30, 1 x 100/30 rande dia. Die 400 mm, GAP 2 mm with 2 extruders Plastex 65/30 D and 1 extruder Plastex 100/30 D. Materials: LDPE, LLDPE- MDPE, EVA, PP , mLLDPE

W&H VAREX 60/60/6030D year 2000

W&H VAREX 60/60/6030D year 2000 is 3 layers extruder designed for usage of LDPE and LLDPE materials, with die of 350 mm, film width of 1650 mm and film thickness of 0,05 mm for flat film and film thickness of 0,010-0,250 mm for dual. It's immediately available

Cast extruder Macchi 5 layers, year 2011

Cast extruder Macchi year 2011 can process materials like LLDPE, LDPE, also it is possible to add a PP film and to make semi-rigid film. The capacity of 1000kg/h with thickness 25 my.

Hemingstone model: HM-1250 SR+IL year 2009

Hemingstone machine with interleaved system for production of garbage bags with stripes from materials hdpe, ldpe