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Bielloni SABA 6 EV HTO flexo printer year 2000

Bielloni SABA 6 EV HTO  is a central drum flexo printer, designed to work with paper grammage 40 - 150 g/m2. It's equipped with 7 doctor blade chambers and it's maximum reel diameter is 1200 mm. The machine is dismantled.

Bielloni monolayer extruder year 1998

Bielloni monolayer extruder year 1998 is with screw OM80, double station band rewinder 1200mm, 180mm die, rotating tow. LDPE thicknesses from 18 to 170 microns.

Bielloni Theorema 8 year 2002

Bielloni Theorema 8 is 8 colors gearless flexo printer with a central drum designed for printing on film. Equipped with unwinder and rewinder with 3 inch mandrels, electric drying system, video control system, many sleeves.