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Rotogravure printing machine Rotomec ROTOPAC 2000, year 1988

Rotogravure machine Rotomec ROTOPAC 2000 is in very good conditions and can print materials like Al-foil 8-60μ, PE 30-100μ, Poliester 12-36μ, OPP 13-40μ.

Rotogravure TIPOROTO 800-10

Rotogravure TIPOROTO 800-10 can print different types of packaging materials up to 10 colors and able to apply thermal and glossy varnishes.

W&H Heliostar Merkur 1950E year 1985

W&H Heliostar Merkur 1950E rotogravure 7 colors printing machine is for printing on clear cellulosic film, PPO, PETP, paper and chipboard materials, PE, PVC,  aluminum. Equipped with Eltromat registration system, BST camera, Newcelio viscometer.